China’s total consumption volume of primary energy was 2.66 billion tons of standard coal in 2007. Energy consumption is expected to grow at a rate slower than GDP due to the government’s plan to reduce energy consumption per unit of GDP by 20% by 2010 and another 25% by 2020. While more than 70% of energy comes from coal today, there will be a shift towards other sources, especially natural gas…”

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Water Purification Syytems

“Current trends in the water purification market suggest a shift from widely used bottled water dispensers to point-of-use (POU) water purification systems. In recent years, the growth in sales of POU systems has shown year-on-year increases, while the growth in sales of bottled water dispensers has slowed down rapidly. There are currently more than 1,000 companies manufacturing water purification equipment in China…”

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Coalbed Methane

China’s 11th Five Year Plan (2006-2010) aims to produce 10 billion m³ of coalbed methane / coal mine methane by 2010. CBM extraction volume is targeted at 5 billion m³ from surface wells and 50 million m³ from underground wells. The main drivers behind CBM / CMM development in China are concerns over coal mine safety, environment, and sustainable energy generation…”

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Waste water Treatment

“With significant increases in wastewater levels due to urbanisation, the Chinese government has pushed for increased construction of wastewater treatment plants during the 11th Five Year period (2006-2010). Total urban sewerage capacity is expected to reach 100 million tons per day by 2010, and.the target for urban waste water treatment level is set at 70%…”

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Waste Management

No country has ever experienced as large or fast an increase in solid waste quantities as China is now facing. In 2004 China surpassed the USA as the world’s largest waste generator. China is also the world’s largest importer of waste materials. In recent years, waste recycling and processing industry has grown at a rate of over 50% per year…”

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China currently ranks second in the world in paper consumption, and is expected to overtake the United States as the world’s largest paper consumer in a few years. By 2010, China’s per capita paper and paperboard consumption is expected to reach 62kg. China is also the world’s second-largest paper producer, experiencing a rapid annual growth since 2000…

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